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Privacy and Data Protection Statement

KAN LAW provides services related to immigration, visa, and other legal matters (“Services”) for the benefit of individuals, current and prospective employees of client companies, and their family members (“Subjects”).

1. Data Collection.
For the purposes of providing Services, KAN LAW collects, processes, and transfers data about Subjects from a variety of sources. The processing of Personal Data is necessary to: (a) analyze, complete and process, immigration, visa and related submissions with appropriate government agencies. KAN LAW will not use a Subject’s Personal Data for any other purpose unless required or authorized by law, or unless authorized by, or in the vital interest of, the Subject as appropriate in each jurisdiction.

2. Data Sharing.
During the course of providing Services, KAN LAW may disclose Personal Data to government agencies and/or to a client company. KAN LAW will disclose Personal Data to the extent required or authorized by applicable law or by lawful order or requirement of a court or governmental authority as appropriate in each jurisdiction. Except as set forth in this section, KAN LAW will not distribute, sell, share, rent or otherwise transfer any Personal Data to any third party, unless KAN LAW obtains appropriate prior written consent. KAN LAW will not use any Personal Data to market products or services to Subjects outside the scope of the Services. is necessary for the performance of Services. KAN LAW will treat all data in a manner consistent with applicable ethical standards and rules of professional conduct governing attorney-client communications and disclosures.

3. Data Security.
Only KAN LAW employees, agents, and client company employees, who “need to know” are authorized to access Personal Data. Personal Data is kept on servers that are protected against intrusion or unauthorized access and are located in a physically secure facility. Personal Data is also kept in files located within KAN LAW offices or in off-site storage facilities that are also physically secure. While no guarantee of protection is possible or offered, KAN LAW takes all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized persons or entities from accessing the Personal Data. Please be aware, however, that while unauthorized access is unlikely, KAN LAW is not liable for any damages caused by such unauthorized access.

Please contact info@kanlaw.net with any questions regarding this privacy statement or our policy regarding privacy and data protection.

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